Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical Support
Assist customers in product and process development services

The development and design capabilities of electronic components in Taiwan have been greatly improved. We are willing to provide relevant support, including consultation on various types of material information, and issuing suitable sealing materials for customer design products on sealing materials in the development process. In addition, in order to cooperate with the development of mass production processes for customers, adjusting the operability of sealing materials and testing special characteristics of materials are also within our services.

Environmental test

We have thermostatic and humidistatic equipment, thermal shock equipment, pressure cooker (PCT) and other environmental testing equipment, which can provide customers with necessary reliability testing support to strive for product development and sample delivery time.

Material characteristic test

In order to ensure the quality of the products, we have a number of material characteristics test equipment, such as thermal expansion coefficient measurement, elastic coefficient measurement, viscosity characteristics and so on. In addition, a high-magnification Leica optical microscope is also available for micro observation of the surface of the substance. The above-mentioned equipment is also used to provide customers with characteristic testing services.



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