High hardness, low shrinkage, great dimensional stability, and adhesive performance while applying in different materials. Excellent in thermal shock, mechanical properties, humidity, and heat. These products are able to apply in printing and dispensing process.

Characteristics Cure Application
C-08B Matte 130°C*90min General liquid encapsulation
C-06G Glossy 130°C*90min General liquid encapsulation
P-09B Low CTE、Low stress、Low moisture absorption 100°C*60min
Specific liquid encapsulation
DU-02F Cure at low temp. 100°C*30min Low temperature die bond paste
A-06D Cure at high temp 130°C*30min High temperature die bond paste
P-08B Low CTE、Low stress 130°C*90min General liquid encapsulation, suitable for printing.

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